I just made it to the ferry to Nantucket. I am by myself – headed to Thanksgiving in advance of tomorrow’s maybe storm. Chris and Kita are already there.  They were the advance team this year. Tim and Linsley will come tomorrow – in defiance of the storm.

Last year Kita and I were the advance team. Everyone else was supposed to come on Wednesday but in an eerie mirror of this year there was a storm predicted for Wednesday. So on Tuesday Chris grabbed George at work on Tuesday and they joined me early. I was so happy about that. So glad for their company – to have George in bed with me Tuesday night and not have to wait another day. Timmy joined us later – in defiance of the storm.

Nantucket was George’s favorite place. Ever.

This year George won’t make it at all. Timmy’s Linsley will be with us though with her pup Cali…or Callie.  I’ve never written her name before.

This year I will try to stop crying and be grateful for the three incredible people who are with me. We will talk a lot about George and how much we miss him. About what an amazing gift he was to all of us.

This year will be unimaginably hard. I am not sure about the crying.