I have thought about so many posts today. I’ve already said how hard it is. Harder than I can actually describe…

Holidays are memorable – and this one has far too many memories of George. Despite staying busy, a yoga class, etc. I can see, hear, and smell him – going through every step of this pre-holiday day. It’s not the holiday in the big sense – it’s literally thousands of small memories. To top off the challenge I have ended up by myself with Kita in the storm. I must have needed an extra challenge.

Some people have asked me what I loved most or miss most about George – so in a slightly different twist, here is what I was most grateful for:

– George was brilliant – and great company – lots to talk about and learn

– George cared deeply about people – he was always available to help anyone who needed help. This was a relief to me in so many ways.

– George was interested in so much – theater, movies, sports, food, cooking, people, art, travel, history, politics, working out, health, nutrition – adding so much to my life. That doesn’t begin to do it justice, but…

– George adored me. Really. He thought the world revolved around me. He told me at least once a day how beautiful I was. How grateful he was for me. How amazing our life together was. He respected my work.

– He loved, loved, loved my kids – and my niece – and their friends – and their kids. Loved. Adored.

– George knew how to hold me. This was the biggest deal.

– George got me. He accepted me for who I am – upside and downside. Sometimes he challenged me to do/be better.

– George protected me.

– George made sure we had a partnership – with great consciousness – and love.

– George rubbed my feet while we watched tv – held my arm while we drove or watched a movie – made sure I took my vitamins.

– George promised he’d never leave me – and he really meant it.